STRATEGIC SOCIAL MARKETING - Strategic Social Marketing
Prof. Jeff French

My experience I have substantial public policy, research, marketing, and management experience at international, national, regional and local level.

I work with and advised ministers, senior civil servants, government advisors, CEO’s and directors of public, NGO and private sector organisations within the UK and internationally. I have recent work experience with WHO and ECDC, Forestry Commission, Purina and the EU. 

I have a track record of delivery and a strong reputation as a collaborative and politically astute team player.    

I have extensive experience of designing developing, researching and evaluating behavioural change and social marketing programmes. I have extensive Board level management experience as a director and CEO. In addition to my 37 years of practical experience I also have a distinguished academic career. I am a recognised leader in the fields of behaviour modification programme design and evaluation, social marketing and health promotion. Significant achievements over recent years include:

  • I frequently am invited to give keynote presentations at national and international conferences. Recent examples include: The World Social Marketing Conference Toronto 2013, The World Health Summit Berlin 2012, Social Business Summit Turkey 2013, and the WHO International Health Regulations meeting Luxembourg 2012, Global Marketing Conference Dhaka Bangladesh 2012, and National Lottery Association of Finland Annual Conference 2013, Global Lottery Association Conference Vancouver Jan 2014. World Social Marketing conference Sydney 2015.
  • Managed the marketing communications, business planning and policy teams for the UK National Health Development Agency 2000 – 2004, including ten regional teams. Acted as CEO from October 2002 – November 2003. Budget £20 million.
  • Developed the HDA’s marketing and communication strategy, services and systems including stakeholder engagement and marketing strategy resulting in 85%+ satisfaction ratings of HDA’s performance amongst key audiences.
  • Established the HDA as a WHO collaborating centre and built a strong international profile and work programme within the agency. Managed the Global Effectiveness and EU Getting Evidence into Practice projects.
  • Worked in the UK Department of Health to develop the cross government Health Inequalities plan and was the named responsible officer during the extensive national consultation.
  • Member of the Department for Culture Media and Sport England Awards Committee and the evaluation committee for the biggest single public health intervention every funded, the £300 million Healthy Living Centre programme.
  • Completed a National review for the UK government on the application of Social Marketing, published in June 2006, ‘It’s Our Health’. The recommendations from the review are currently being used to guide Department of Health and other government departments approach to developing social marketing programmes and the establishment of the world’s first National Social Marketing Strategy.
  • Founded and managed the UK National Social Marketing Centre in December 2006 and drought social marketing into the mainstream policy arena across government in the UK.
  • Produced for Financial Services Authority and HM Treasury the ‘Geared for Action’ communication and marketing strategy and recommendations as part of the Thoresen review of generic financial advice for low income families in December 2007.
  • Chair of the MSSSB UK National Occupational Standards for Social Marketing group responsible for developing the world’s first set of national occupational standards for social marketing published in June 2009
  • I have worked  over recent years in the UK with National Audit Office, DEFRA, HM Treasury FSA, DCFS, DCMS ,Cabinet Office, Home Office, Health and Safety Executive, Sport England, Forestry Commission, Cancer Research UK, Big Lottery Fund, Consumer Focus, The National Council For Palliative , Drinkaware  and DH and DEFRA. I have also worked with government agencies, NGO’s and private sector organisations internationally.
  • I am the developer of both the Total Process Planning Tool  the STELa social marketing planning tool  and the Social Marketing Value Cost Matrix tools that are used internationally to develop plan and evaluate social change programmes.
  • I am the author of numerous articles, papers reports and chapters on communication, evaluation community engagement and social marketing. My books ‘Social Marketing and Public Health’ and ‘Social Marketing Case Book’ are bestselling books in their fields. My new book ‘Strategic Social Marketing will be published by SAGE in the spring of 2015.
  • I have just completed for ECDC (European Centre for Disease Control) a Social Marketing guide for European public health practitioners.
  • I am a member of the EPODE Help Programme technical advisors board responsible for advising on social marketing one of the key pillars in the EPODE programme.
  • Since 2011 I have led the work of the E-Com EU funded review of pandemic communication and behaviour change research programme funded as part of the EU Work Programme 7 research and development scheme.
  • I am a visiting professor at Brighton University and a   Fellow at Kings College University of London. I also teach at Southbank University and Northumbria University. I also act as external supervisor and examiner of PhD research at several universities.
  • I am the author of three books on social marketing and numerous papers and guides on health promotion, health education, health communication and social marketing.
My areas of special interest and expertise include:  social marketing, consumer research and insight, behaviour programme design, behavioural influence and behavioural change communication, inter-sector partnership development, and community involvement and evaluation. I have a broad understanding of policy across government as it relates to behaviour change, marketing and communication. I have an extensive professional network and good working relationships with many key public bodies, professional associations and academic institutions.    

Academic and Professional Qualifications
  • Rachel Macmillan College University of London, Sept. 1974 - July. 1977 Certificate in Education (Qualified UK biology teacher)
  • Open University, January 1979 - November 1981  BA
  • South Bank University, September 1981 - July 1982, Post-graduate Diploma in Health Education.
  • Kings College University of London, September 1982 - July 1984 - M.Sc. Health Promotion
  • Durham University Business School: 1992 - December 1994. MBA.

Most previous Job: Director of the National Social Marketing Centre The central focus of my post as the director of the NSMC was to lead the strategic and operational development of the organisation. I was responsible for the development and delivery of corporate strategy and business plan. I lead the Centres senior team and manage the Centres budget (£17 million 2008-9). I reported directly to the Chief Executive of Consumer Focus. As part of my role I acted as an advisor to the Department of Health and other government departments and agencies. I sat on a number of national policies development, review and implementation groups. The centres work was focused on developing and embedding good practice in social marketing. It did this through developing standards of best practice, capturing and disseminating evidence and delivering a major capacity building programme.­


Current Job I am CEO of Strategic Social Marketing. Strategic Social Marketing is UK registered limited company providing strategic behaviour change and social marketing advice to a range of public NGO and private sector organisations within the UK and international.   I have an extensive international network. I have worked internationally on behavioural programmes and social policy programmes in the Netherlands, America, Canada, Portugal, Albania, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Rumania, Nigeria, New Zealand, Slovenia, Australia, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland, Italy and in all UK Countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Norway, Ukraine, India and Bangladesh.   __________________________________________________________________  

Professional membership and contributions: ·      
Chair of the National Society of Health Education and Promotion Officers, 1987 - 1990. Chair of the ethics committee from 1990 – 1994.   ·      
Organised six UK Health Promotion Conference, 1990 – 1999.  

  • I am a member of the International Social Marketing Association Executive Committee and European Social Marketing Association Board.
  • Over 90 articles/chapters/papers published in academic and professional publications. Papers span: public health, community development, management, communications and research and development issues.   ·       During 2001/2 I worked with the World Bank in helping the Albanian Government and the Institute of Public Health develop and write the Albanian National Public Health Strategy. In 2003 the strategy was approved by the Albanian Parliament.    
  • I am the Chair of the UK, European and World Social Marketing Conference organising committees. Most recent conferences held in Toronto 2013 and Rotterdam 2014, next world conference Sydney 2015.
  • I have been a member of the following comities: The Big Lottery Fund Healthy Living Centres committee, five a day programme, HLC Evaluation Group, Health Direct Committee, National Patient and Public Involvement Committee. NHS Life Check Committee, National Palliative Care group. Cancer Reform Strategy, Chair CRUK Cancer UK prevention research award committee. Currently I am a member of the Prevention and Early Detection national committee DH/ CRUK.
  • I am a member of the International Social Marketing Association Board and a Board member of CREDOS the UK advertising industry think-tank focused on the role of advertising in society. I was a member of the Lancet review of liver disease working group.
  • I am a member of the editorial boards for the Social Marketing Journal, Social Business Journal, Social Marketing Quarterly, The European Not for Profit Marketing Journal.
  • I developed the first Global consensus definition of Social Marketing in 2013.

Other recent contributions:  Recent academic Publications  French J. Gordon R. Strategic Social Marketing. Sage Published by Sage April 2015 Other Publications Jeff French CEO of SSM working with Franklin Apfel has just completed the first ever technical guide to Social Marketing for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. ECDC are now disseminating the guide that can be downloaded free as a PDF at:


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