STRATEGIC SOCIAL MARKETING - Strategic Social Marketing


New Training service
in 2015 we will offer a new set of training services. Our experience and expertise is in equipping people to be competent and confident social marketers and communicators, especially in public sector organisations facing challenge and going through complex societal and cultural change.

No matter what challenges you face and what difficulties need to be addressed, being able to influence the behaviour and communicate effectively to a variety of different audience groups is half the battle. People will support you more and are more likely to act if they understand what and why you are proposing the action you are taking. Staff, stakeholders and the public will work with you if they feel listened to and engaged with.

See our training section for more details.
Training guide.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)

We are happy to develop and deliver a wide range of training and development events. Tailoring seminars and events for audiences ranging from Chairs and Chief Execs, to specialist practitioners to the 'new to the field' novices.
We tailor material and events to the different needs of different groups of people.

With a mix of facilitative and didactic approaches, so as to maximise the learning and skills development from each session.

Upcoming Training

On the 13th of October 2015 Jeff French will be a keynote speaker at the Inside Government Social Marketing conference held in London on evaluation. Details at:

On the 28th of October 2015 Jeff French will be running a seminar for Macmillan Cancer Support on taking a strategic approach to Influencing Behaviour. The event will be held at the London HQ of MCS.

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